Midlife Crisis

How to start over in life at 50

How to start over in life at 50. Real Practical Tips & Advice

Trouble can come at any time, but it's sure true that a lot of it can arrive at midlife. Divorce, bereavement, relocation, the empty nest, career disasters, realising you are in the wrong place, mentally or physically. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to start over in life at 50
positive words for menopause

Positive Words For Menopause – Advice From Fleabag

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These positive words for menopause give us all hope. I really think this sums up the pain & ultimate empowerment of the menopause transition.
A Poem For All The 'Old Hags' by Sarah MacGillivray

A Poem For All The ‘Old Hags’ by Sarah MacGillivray

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"Call me a hag, I dare you..." This is an amazing spoken word piece by Sarah MacGillivray, challenging how society perceives older woman. Extremely powerful...
How To Stop Emotional Eating

How to Stop Emotional Eating | Tips to Calm Stress Eating During Lockdown

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Wondering how to stop emotional eating?. Tips on how to create a Comfort Strategy to lower your stress and regain control of your eating
Husband In Midlife Crisis

Best Books for Coping With Your Husband In Midlife Crisis

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A roundup of books to help you if are dealing with a husband having a midlife crisis. You are not alone...
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Midlife Transformation Feeling Lost
Empty Nest Syndrome Empty Nester
Midlife Transition Women
The Illuminated Path Through Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis in Woman – 5 Transformational books that will illuminate your Path…

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Midlife Crisis in Woman is a difficult and disorientating place to be. How can you successfully navigate a midlife crisis as a woman? Support from other women going through the same thing and reading about their experiences is important. Finding deeper meaning in your life can help you come through the crisis even stronger. These 5 crucial transformational books will guide you...