Power Of Hormones Review
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The Power of Hormones Review. Scam or Vital Info?

The Power of Hormones Review. Can it help you lose weight & fix your health or is it a scam?

The Power of Hormones Review. Hormones are chemical messengers in your body. They control every part of the bodily system but when they go wrong it can result in a health breakdown.

The Power of Hormones is a program for women. By following the information given, you can balance your hormones to improve your health. This will have positive results on your weight, belly fat, depression, anxiety, libido, headaches, fatigue, sleep, hot flashes and many other hormonal symptoms.

Fixing your hormone imbalances may just be the key to losing weight, reclaiming your health and feeling like your old self again. Is it possible though and can a program help you? Read on to find out what I thought of the popular Power of Hormones Program…

What is the Power of Hormones Program?

Did you know that 1 in 3 women suffer from Hormone Imbalance at some time in their lives?

Hormone Imbalance is much more common than you think. It can often be the underlying missing link behind many “inexplicable” problems.

The kind of problems that doctors can’t get to the bottom of.


The Power of Hormones is a breakthrough Hormone Guide.

It shows you how balancing your Hormones can boost your metabolism, well-being and all round health.

{There are no crazy diets or exercise plans involved either.}

If you are feeling tired, bloated, heavy and depressed then it’s likely that a hormone imbalance is at the root of your problem.

But there is a way to get your hormones back into balance, stabilize your weight and start to feel like yourself again.

The Power of Hormones is a program of important information designed to help you take control of your hormones, health and well-being.

It was designed and written by a woman who struggled with her own health. She created the program from the lessons she learned as she healed her own body.

That is the mission behind The Power of Hormones.

Power Of Hormones Review

Who is The Power of Hormones for?

  • The program is specifically designed for women.
  • This is because women naturally experience tumultuous hormonal imbalances throughout their lifetime.

These can be due to stress or lifestyle factors but women are especially vulnerable to hormone issues during the following life cycles

  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause
  • Postmenopause
  • Puberty
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding

The Power of Hormones is designed specifically with women of all ages in mind.

Feel like your old self in 21 days


  • It will be a good fit for you if you know something is not quite right in your body.
  • You want to get to the bottom of why you are feeling ill or gaining weight.
  • If you are someone who likes to take control of our own health, it will really help you.

Who is The Power of Hormones not for?

  • The program is not for men. This is because men’s hormones work in a completely different way that are not the focus of the guide.
  • It won’t be a very good fit for you if just want a quick fix or to pop a pill. 
  • It’s not for you if are not willing to look deeper into why your health is suffering.
  • If you are content to stay the same and see your health go downhill the guide isn’t for you.

What kind of symptoms can it help with?

Hormonal imbalances cause a dizzying range of different symptoms. These symptoms may all look separate and unconnected but in reality there is one thing that is the missing link behind all of them.

That link is hormone imbalance.

Some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance that you may struggle with include…

  • Weight gain {even when you eat very little and exercise a lot}
  • Belly fat around the middle
  • Hot flashes or night sweats
  • Brain Fog
  • Excessive sweating and always feeling hot
  • Sleep problems and insomnia
  • Feeling too hot or too cold
  • Dry skin, rashes and adult acne
  • High blood pressure
  • Palpitations and heart flutters
  • Cravings
  • Rages, irritability and anxiety
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Depression
  • Bloating
  • Sex and Libido Issues
  • Thinning and brittle hair
  • Fertility Problems
  • Puffy face
  • Tender or lumpy breasts
  • Heavy, irregular or painful periods
  • Extreme Pre-Menstrual Syndrome [PMS]
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Increased hair where you don’t want it. Face, chest back etc
  • Fibrocystic Breasts

Phew. That’s a long laundry list but all these symptoms can be caused by your hormones going out of whack.

It can happen to women at any time for a variety of reasons but the hidden link behind all these symptoms is Hormone Imbalance.

Who created The Power of Hormones?

The program was created by Angela James a woman’s health researcher and mother of three. 

Ange suffered with her own Hormone nightmare as she progressed through life. Initially diagnosed with Polycystic ovary Syndrome [PCOS] she developed endometriosis and fertility issues. Eventually conceiving, she had a horrendous pregnancy followed by Thyroid problems which led to surgery, weight gain, chronic fatigue and depression.

Ange certainly went through the mill with her health and hormones. She couldn’t get any help from doctors who told her that her tests were normal. There was nothing they could do. 

She was left on her own to sort her health out. I certainly relate to that in my own hormone struggles.

Many doctors just don’t understand how to improve hormone related health issues.

Undaunted, Ange did months of her own research. What she found enabled her to heal herself and get back to 100% wellness. She found the underlying answer ignored by the medical community. How to balance her hormones successfully.

This enabled her to get back to being the energetic wife and mother she wanted to be. She got her life back, lost weight and felt better than she had in years.

After turning her health and appearance round in such a big way, Ange found herself advising her friends who had hormonal problems. 

She then decided to write down all the information she had found and create a program that could be accessed by women everywhere.

I love Ange’s story as it very much mirrors my own hormone nightmare. Her book was so important to me when I was healing my own hormone problems. I am very grateful that she wrote down everything she found on her healing journey for other women to access and heal themselves.

What kind of hormonal issues will power of hormones help?

My Hormone Related Hair Loss

My Hormone Related Hair Loss. Every day in the shower…

The Power of Hormones could be your key to fixing the following health problems

  • Inability to lose weight and weight gain
  • Belly fat accumulation (spare tire)
  • Adrenal problems causing anxiety
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome {PCOS}
  • Estrogen Dominance
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions
  • Thyroid problems {Hyper and Hypothyroid}
  • Infertility problems
  • Menstrual problems and PMT
  • Menopause
  • Perimenopause
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low libido, sex and vaginal dryness problems
  • Hunger cravings
  • Sleep problems and insomnia 

What does the Power of Hormones include

Power of Hormones Review – The Book

The main part of the program is a 145-page e-book stuffed full of incredible information. Even though the book is full of vital information it is easy to read and follow. {The book is also available as a printed copy if you prefer}

The information inside the book is incredible, detailed and tells you EXACTLY how to fix your hormones.

There are sections on each type of hormone imbalance {i.e. Thyroid, adrenals etc} with information on exactly how to fix them.

In addition, Incredibly helpful sections also include

  • The Love Handle Minimizer- The secret behind activating your fat burning hormones to get your waistline back.
  • The Dark Could Destroyer – How science has found an answer to improving sleep and depression with one key supplement.
  • The secrets to an optimum hormone balancing diet and lifestyle
  • The Adrenal Weight Loss Trick
  • The Must-Have List of Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals for Hormone Balance!
  • The Keys to Naturally Treating Menopause

This is only a small selection of the contents of the book. It is a packed 145 pages of holistic and natural methods for regaining your health.

Power of Hormones Review – The Workbook

Power Of Hormones Workbook

The program includes a printable workbook to enable you to get the maximum from the program.

You can use the workbook to examine your symptoms and note down the results of any tests you may have.

If you visit your doctor, you will be fully prepared with all your information to hand.

I really liked this touch as I think it makes it easier for you to see all your information in one place. This will help you start to understand what may be causing your problems.

Are there any bonuses?

At the time of writing yes there are. However, they are part of a special early bird deal so may not be around for long. You need to catch them whilst they are on offer.

The bonuses are excellent and supplement the main core of the program perfectly.

Power of Hormones Audiobook

Bonus 1

Audio version {Retail value of $97}

As well as the e-book version, there is a downloadable audio version. I think this is perfect if you don’t like reading or are short on time.

You can download it to your phone and listen on your commute or whilst out walking or whenever you get 5 minutes to yourself.

I think this bonus makes the program much more accessible to everyone.

Power of Hormones Bloat Banishing Solution - Gut Health

Bonus 2

The Bloat Banishing Solution {Retail value of $19}

I love this bonus.

If you have ever struggled with a bloated tum that makes you look pregnant, this bonus will help you.

  • It contains the top 12 essential keys to banishing the bloat and retaining a flatter belly and better digestion.

I am a huge believer that your gut holds the key to health. I have spent a lot of time studying the microbiome and its link to good health. Ange is spot on with the advice she gives here.

Being able to simply solve this annoying symptom is worth the purchase alone!

Energy Hacks For Women

Bonus 3

Double Your Energy {Retail value of $19}

This bonus is ideal if you are suffering from fatigue and general tiredness.

It covers 10 important energy hacks specifically designed for women.

Power of Hormones Eating For Hormone Health

Bonus 4

Eating For Hormone Health {Retail value of $35}

This valuable handbook covers everything you need to know about how to eat to support your hormone health

As well as explaining what to eat for the best results {hint – it’s not about cutting things out}, the book contains some amazing recipes.

One that I tried was Chocolate and Avocado Mouse with Maple Roasted Nectarines which was delicious!. The next one on my “try” list is Thai Beef Salad.

Every recipe is illustrated with a beautiful full color mouth watering photo

At 105 pages long, this bonus is not a “thrown together” e-book. It’s a perfect companion to the main core of the program and highly recommended if you can catch it whilst it’s still included.

Are there testimonials from women who have used The Power Of Hormones?

This was one thing I wondered as I always like to research anything before I buy. However, the answer is that yes, there are many testimonials available from happy customers.

Here are just a few. These are sections of the full testimonials as they are too long to include fully here.

Sandra…For someone with minimal knowledge about hormones, reading “The Power of Hormones” feels like going through an excellent summary of hundreds of books on the topic. You could sit in a library for days trying to digest the info by yourself, or you can take an hour or two to read Angela’s book. It’s an easy read, with plenty of lists and tables to refer to, focusing exactly on what you need to know. It’s an easy decision, and if you’ve been living with hormone imbalances, one that might just change your life!
Sandra T Roxton

… All women need this book. Please, please and please read “The Power Of Hormones” E-Book. It will open your eyes. I would have given your mine but its now beside my bible on the bed-stand. Do place an order so you reap as I have.

Jessica Collinge


Jessica… Ultimately, Angela instills in you the confidence to know that you can bring your body back into balance and health by harnessing the power of hormones.

Sandra C


There are high chances that at least once in everyone’s life some sort of hormonal disturbance occurs and with this book everyone can grasp the basics of hormones and look for treatments should any problems arise.

Shahzeen Siddiqui


Just take a look at Ange’s page here for the full Testimonials

Power of Hormones Review – What I DIDN’T like about it

Ive been sitting trying to think of downsides to the program but to be honest there really isn’t anything I don’t like. This is the book I would write about Hormones. Ange has covered everything I can think of when it comes to this topic and done it in an easily accessible way.

I guess the only drawback I can think of is the fact that the bonuses aren’t always going to be available. They are all super helpful additions to the plan so it would be a shame to see them not available as they compliment it perfectly.

Is there scientific research to back up The Power of Hormones Review?

Yes. Everything Ange talks about in her book is backed by science. In addition, the fact that hormones are responsible for many of the symptoms that women suffer from has been extensively researched by scientists.

For example, these are just two of the pieces of research that point to the hormonal issues behind common hormonal issues such as Menopause.

Cardiovascular Implications of the Menopause Transition: Endogenous Sex Hormones and Vasomotor Symptoms

Understanding weight gain at menopause

Summary of The Power of Hormones Program
Product NameThe Power of Hormones
FormatAvailable as Digital or hard copy
Number of pages145 pages of information
Bonuses includedAt time of writing

Power of Hormones Review Workbook
Power of Hormones Complete Audio
Eating For Hormone Health Guide – Recipe Book
The Bloat Banishing Solution Guide – Heal Your Gut
Double Your Energy – 10 Energy Hacks Guide

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes there is and it’s excellent. Ange actually gives a 60 DAY 100% Money back guarantee.

I was impressed with this as most online programs only offer 30 days so this is double the usual guarantee.

If you are not happy with your purchase and results, Ange will refund you with no questions asked. This is valid right up to the final day of the 60 days. This is excellent service and makes the purchase risk free really.

The Power of Hormones Review. Did it work for me?

After telling you everything about the program I guess the final question in my Power of Hormones Review is… did The Power of Hormones work for me?

I need to fill you in with a little of my backstory which will explain why I have written this Power of Hormones review.

In 2017, I had my Thyroid removed due to cancer. This totally destroyed my hormone balance, threw me into Menopause and left me battling with my weight, fatigue, hair loss, sleep problems, depression and anxiety.

I just felt hideous…

No matter what I did those extra pounds were IMMOVABLE and the scale was only going in the upwards direction.

I felt absolutely bone tired and was in bed by 7pm every night if not earlier. My hair was coming out in clumps too.

Those extra pounds made a huge difference to how I felt and looked, and of course, being menopausal they headed straight for my stomach.

I felt frumpy, puffy, out of breath, sluggish and depressed and all my clothes were way too tight. I just felt awful…

I was on a slippery downward slope to ill health that I couldn’t reverse no matter what I tried.

I was petrified of piling on more weight and ending up with major health issues after Menopause, like my poor Mum.

I had to do something to take back control of my own health

So I did my research.

So I did my research and thank God I found The Power of Hormones.

Ange’s book was my first step to turning my health around and crawling out of the hole of hormonal despair that I was in. It taught me how hormones work and what I could do to change things.

This program was the turning point for me.

The point where I could start to work out my hormonal issues and things thankfully started improving for me.

You can VIVIDLY see my hormone journey in these before and after photos. {Time to drag out a hideous photo to show you 😬🙂}

Power of Hormones Review

You can see how fat and swollen my face is in the first photo. My hair was just so thin as well.

I was so miserable.

I hope you can see from the photos just how much happier and vibrant I am in the after photos.

My face is much thinner as I had lost the excess weight I was carrying.

It was such a relief to finally find something that got the scales heading in the right direction. My menopause symptoms improved so much too.

What you CAN’T see in the photo is just how much healthier I felt too.

I understand my body better now and this means I can keep myself in good health going forward.

This is why I’m writing a Power of Hormones Review to spread the word about Ange’s work.

I know WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE it can make. It worked great for me and I hope more women can learn how to take control of their health.

So, bottom line. Its worth spending time looking after yourself so you can look and feel your best and get your life back!.

How will the power of Hormones help YOU?

You will learn the simple but effective hormone balancing techniques that will help you to:

  • Increase your energy
  • Get your Libido back
  • Lose the excess weight
  • Overcome depression
  • Thicken and Improve your hair and stop hair loss
  • Improve Menopause symptoms
  • Feel in control of your health and hormones
  • … and so much more…

Do it for you.

I hope you have found my Power of Hormones review helpful. If you need a little help to balance your hormones, The Power of Hormones can point you in the right direction and help you understand what approach is best for YOU to start to feel like your old self again!

You can access it here: www.PowerofHormones.com

Love and Light

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Menopause and Perimenopause can be a tricky time to pass through. I certainly had a turbulent journey. I learnt a lot from my intense battle. I rediscovered my Menopause Mojo and you can too. I truly believe that Menopause can be the start of the best part of your life. I am an Artist, Certified Transformation Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Hypnosis practitioner and woman's health researcher. NB. I am not a doctor or qualified to give medical advice. I merely share what has worked for me. I hope it can help you too. x