About Helen

My passion is helping women to transform.

This may be about coming though a cancer journey into post cancer life or navigating the turbulence of Menopause & Midlife.

Transformation is a powerful journey for each individual woman.

I help women discover their MenoPower

My Work Story

I trained as a graphic designer and illustrator way back in the 90s. After years working in the media and advertising industry in London and Leeds, eventually running my own web design business, I wanted something more. A way to do work that gave something back to people instead of trying to persuade them to buy things they didn’t need…

I retrained as a Professional Medical Tattoo Artist and began working in the field of Breast Cancer Restoration and Scar Camouflage. 

My primary focus is on working with women who have gone through breast cancer surgery. I use my artistic skills to recreate a realistic nipple for them if they have lost their own. This work is a wonderful challenge and I have the privilege to meet a wide cross section of amazing women though it, many of whom are navigating midlife turbulence and who inspired me to start this blog. 

You can find out more about my medical tattoo work on my website www.3dnippletattoos.co.uk or via my linked-in profile.

My work passion is helping women to transform. This may be about coming though a cancer journey into post cancer life or navigating the turbulence of Menopause and Midlife.

Transformation is a powerful journey for each individual woman.

I love to help women move through their Cancer or Menopause Transformation into a life they love. I am a Certified Transformation Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Hypnosis practitioner and woman’s health researcher.

I am constantly learning new skills in order to help women step into their power.

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach


  • Medical Tattooing Qualification

    Medical Tattoo & Micropigmentation for Areola Restoration, Scars & Burns

    Finishing Touches Group


  • BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration

    BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration

    Staffordshire University


My Personal Story

I’m Helen and I live in the North of England, in the UK with my husband, two kids and two cats. I just turned 51 this year which was a surprise!. I still feel 25 in my head and wonder how I got here but I’m embracing my age.

I live in a rural area and love to get out into nature as much as possible and feel the elements around me [and its pretty wild around here so there are a lot of elements!}.

I am a practicing artist, I love to paint and write and am obsessed with reading. I love going to gigs and seeing live music. Trying to renovate my 200-year-old tumbledown house takes up a lot of my time.

I’m learning to play the Trombone and play with my local traditional Brass Band. I love a new challenge.

Life V 2.0 after Cancer

A few years ago in 2017, I underwent treatment for Thyroid Cancer which involved several major surgeries, including removing my Thyroid, and radiation treatment. This ordeal turned my life upside down and made me re-evaluate every single part of myself. Who was I? What did I want? Where was I going with my life? 

The questions we all ask ourselves at midlife that could be labelled midlife crisis.

Hormonal craziness

Treatment also threw me into hormonal craziness and menopause. During this time I also lost my mum to an autoimmune disease and cancer. It was a turbulent and dark time, to say the least.

I emerged bruised and battered on the other side into what I call Life Version 2.0. The waters are much smoother now and I feel older and wiser, with a lot of hard-won knowledge brought back from the journey.

I use the knowledge that I gained, to help my clients in my day job as a Medical Tattooist, dealing with breast cancer related scarring in women. 

Rebuilding my health and metabolism

Cancer treatment and having my Thyroid removed absolutely destroyed my metabolism and hormone balance.

I had to completely rebuild my health from the ground up and spent countless months researching everything I could about women’s health and hormones in order to regain control of my body, health and weight. I put everything I learnt into a course which you can find here. 

Motivated by my Mum

My Mum struggled with her weight and health all her life. In hindsight she suffered from metabolic syndrome. She tried so hard to lose weight but fell prey to the bad diet advice of the 80’s with low fat and calorie cutting advice. None of it worked.

Gradually her health spiralled downwards until she succumbed to serious autoimmune disease and breast cancer.

I didn’t have the knowledge back then to help my mum but I don’t want other women to suffer the same health fate. That’s why I was motivated to set up this site.

Meno Power

Meno Power is my passion project.

I meet so many vibrant and amazing midlife women and feel angered by the way women are written off by society as soon as we reach 50.

I want to spread the word that society needs to watch out! We need a message of empowerment around Menopause.

We are just getting into our stride when we hit midlife and have many more wonderful things to achieve.

If more women could harness their incredible MenoPower the world would be a much better place. 

PS – You can read more about why I set up this website here.

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