Midlife Crisis Women. 10 symptoms that are different to men.

Women & Midlife Crisis. Stormy Seas
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Midlife Crisis Women. Why is their experience so confusing?

What are Midlife Crisis symptoms in women? The term “Midlife Crisis” was coined by Psychologist Elliot Jacques in an article in 1965. He used the term to refer to the time when adults come face to face with their mortality and the limited number of productive and healthy years ahead.

A midlife crisis comes down to the human species very basic and existential fear of death. A midlife crisis can occur roughly anywhere between the ages of 40-60. It can turn up out of the blue and catch you unaware, spinning your life upside down.

A person who spends all their time looking after others or working without focussing on their own needs is more likely to hit a wall in midlife and succumb to a midlife crisis. For this reason, people who have dedicated their lives to their family are more vulnerable to a major upheaval in midlife, especially as children begin to leave home.

It’s easy to think of a mid-life crisis in terms of how it affects men. We all know the stereotype. The man who buys a red sports car and clothes that are too young for him. He hits the gym and trades in his loyal wife for a woman half his age.

Whilst a mid-life crisis can manifest in this way, in women it can be very different from this simplified view. The midlife crisis generally affects women in ways that don’t resemble this stereotype. This can be confusing and make issues harder to recognise and resolve as the predominant ideas about what constitutes a midlife crisis don’t fit our experience.



Men may have a sudden and catastrophic realisation that life may be passing them by and they only have a finite amount of time left to achieve their dreams. This can lead to erratic and costly behaviour which can manifest through the following fears.


  • Fear they are losing their attraction to the opposite sex
  • Fear that they have not attained the goals they had set as a young person
  • Fear they are becoming less healthy and their body is ageing
  • Fear that they have married the wrong person
  • Fear that they can’t deal with the responsibilities of having a family. Consequently, they may want to walk away from things they feel are holding them back
  • Fear that they are losing their virility and that they will never feel the rush of initial sexual passion again

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Women Search for Meaning During a Midlife Crisis

Women Search for Meaning During a Midlife Crisis

In contrast, in women, the midlife crisis is not driven by fear. It’s driven by a desire for “something more”. To venture onto new horizons and new goals. It is a quest for self-actualisation.

Midlife Crisis Women have often spent years in a caring role, looking after kids and family. The Midlife Crisis can be a time when they now want to put themselves first for a change and have an opportunity to do things which have been put off for years.

The catalysts for a change may be.

  • Your children are older and self-sufficient, leaving you more time to focus on yourself for a change
  • After years of working you may have more money to do things you have always wanted to do, or the financial stability to try new things which may not return a wage at first
  • If your focus has been on child-rearing when the kids fly the nest you may feel directionless. You may look for a new challenge and goal to add meaning to life
  • Menopause. Hormonal changes can mean a turbulent time. Menopause marks a defined change to the end of child-rearing years and the start of something new. It is an obvious and physical full stop which can cause you to examine your life and direction.


So Midlife Crisis in women is less of a fear-driven crisis and more of a midlife quest for identity. 

You may question everything you have done so far in your life and ask “Is this it?’ “Is there more to life than this?” It all adds up to a restless quest to find a new direction, to realise your potential before it’s too late, to find fulfilment in all areas of your life. A quest for greatness.



You are looking deep inside yourself and asking “Am I on the right track?”.

You may be actually asking the question “Am I having a midlife crisis?”

You are taking stock of your life and looking at where you wanted to be in life at middle age as opposed to the reality of where you actually are.

Have you been playing by the rules that others set, either parents or society? You may now be questioning if this was the right thing to do and the best way to move forward. You may feel that you need to listen to your soul and gut instinct more… 

Feel like your old self in 21 days



You may find that you have lost interest in things that were important to you up to now. As your perspectives shift you may find that aspects of your life become irrelevant. For example, material possessions may become less important. You may have an expensive car or the house you always wanted but realise it doesn’t make you happy.

Work may no longer give you fulfilment. This can lead to a feeling of apathy where the things that once gave you pleasure no longer do. You have moved beyond the material and face value and crave deeper satisfaction in your life.


When you examine your life in this way you may start to make decisions that can make others question your sanity. There can be an element of “sod it!”, going ahead with a decision that may be seen as risky.

This could be…

  • Leaving your job.
  • Leaving your husband.
  • Travelling the world.
  • Buying a smallholding on a remote Scottish island.
  • Going off-grid.
  • Getting a dog.
  • Setting up a business.
  • Retraining in a completely new career.

Anything that throws your life up in the air into a thousand pieces. How the pieces will reassemble is anyone’s guess but you can bet it will not be boring.


Do you walk into a room and wonder why you are there? Misplace things? Forget names? Feel like you have constant angry PMT? Question seriously whether you may have early-onset dementia?

Hormonal disruption around midlife can cause all kinds of symptoms which can make life difficult for a while. It can affect thought processes and memory leaving you feeling confused, adding an extra level to the stress of life. This is due to the gradual decline in oestrogen that happens as you approach and progress through menopause.

Once you have weathered the storm of menopause life will be calmer on the other side but it’s not fun while you are going through it. Natural remedies can help. Don’t doubt your sanity through. You are growing into your wisdom with all the growing pain that entails.

Insomnia and Mid-Life Crisis in women

Insomnia can be a troubling symptom of a Mid-Life Crisis


Do you wake at 3 am every night and toss and turn, worrying about anything and everything until just before it’s time to get up?Insomnia may have a physical and hormonal component relating to changes at menopause. Dropping oestrogen may disrupt sleep or lead to waking in the night.

However, the questioning and introspection that midlife crisis brings can also lead to a panicky feeling that results in an elevation of cortisol which disrupts sleep. A feeling of constantly being on a restless edge can lead to the classic symptom of lying awake at 3 am and worrying about the future.

Meditation and guided hypnotherapy apps can help to calm the brain and regain a sense of control over sleep. There are also herbal solutions that are less addictive than prescription sleeping tablets.

Eye Masks

I absolutely swear by a good eye mask for improving sleep quality. I can’t begin to explain just how much sleeping with an eye mask on has improved my health over the past few years. Even a tiny bit of light in the room {for example, from an alarm clock} can affect your melatonin levels and disrupt sleep so sleeping in blackout darkness is brilliant for you, both mentally and physically. Give it a try.You will be amazed at the difference in sleep quality.

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Valerian for restful sleep

When I have struggled with Insomnia, I have used herbal Valerian to help. It’s a gentle sedative without the “sledgehammer over the head” feeling of prescription drugs. It’s made from a beautiful pink flowered plant that grows wild in the hedgerows near my house.

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When you are young you feel that you have plenty of time to achieve your goals and that things will work out ok. One of the harsh realities of midlife is the realisation that there isn’t unlimited time to achieve these goals and in fact, they may not happen.

This can lead to a bleak feeling that maybe the future is just “more of the same” without any achievements or happiness until you finally keel over.

It’s important to realise that you probably have more time than you think.

Besides, the finely honed life skills you have learned in your journey up to now mean that you can achieve things more speedily once you have a focus. Things that you would have procrastinated months about in your 20s now get done in a day.

Absolutely nothing can stand in the way of a midlife woman on a mission. Everything is still very achievable.


You may feel passionless, bored, restless as if life has lost its meaning. Work, hobbies, and relationships may all leave you with a feeling of a deficit, a restless need to find something more. A hole that needs to be filled.

Maybe its time to switch it up a bit. To step outside your comfort zone, To try something truly new.

Can you learn a new skill to ignite your passion? Start a side hustle? Go on a crazy holiday on your own? Your inner restlessness is telling you that it’s time for a change.


Sexytime? No, absolutely not. Midlife Crisis Women often find that sex is the last thing on their mind. Your libido may have completely disappeared due to hormonal fluctuations. The drop in oestrogen before and during menopause can mean that libido can completely hit the floor in midlife. 

You may also be feeling too stressed or too busy thinking about other things to be bothered wasting time on sex. It can start to feel like a chore to be ticked off the to-do list rather than something to be enjoyed

This can be a problem if partners take a backseat, and can lead to relationship problems.

Trying to build some me-time into your schedule to reconnect with a partner can improve things. Managing anxiety and stress, exercise, and natural supplements can all help.

Woman wondering am I having a midlife crisis?

Am I having a midlife crisis?


You may have got to the place that you wanted to be in your life or career only to realise that this hasn’t satisfied you. You realise there is more to life than this and you need to find it.

Money and achievement mean less and less to you. You are ready to set out on your quest to find what you were put on the earth to do. To use your unique gifts for the betterment of yourself and the world. You are at the start of your quest, your heroine’s journey.


Midlife Crisis Women often report a feeling of confusion and casting about for a life direction. Knowing that you are searching for the meaning of your life, but not knowing how to find it can lead to a disorientating feeling of being directionless.

You may feel that you are spinning in circles, trying various things and not quite knowing how to progress. You need a roadmap but don’t know how to find it. You need a goal but don’t know what it is yet.

These things will come in time. Try to relax and enjoy the crazy ride. Put your beautiful energy out into the world and your map and journey will gradually be revealed.


If you feel you may be going through a Midlife Crisis this first thing is to accept it in a positive light.

This restless and disquieting energy is your soul searching for meaning. Don’t be scared of it. Embrace it and see where the quest will take you

If you can find a friend or two to accompany you on your quest all the better. It’s very easy in a busy life to neglect friendships and arrive at midlife having lost friends. Now is the time to repair that. Create a support group of like-minded women. Meet for coffee, cake or wine. Any quest is much easier in a Tribe.

Don’t let people tell you you should be satisfied with what you have and to accept the status quo and not rock the boat. They are not living your reality. It’s OK to be unhappy and dissatisfied and to want to change. To ask “Is this it?”. To question where you are going. Much better to ask those questions now than face those regrets at the end of your life.

Middle-aged women of the 21st Century are much different from women in the 1970’s and 80’s. We are in a much better position in terms of health, finance and power.

Whereas our mothers and grandmothers were seen as being “old” and over the hill at 50 we are just getting started. We are coming into our own and we have good healthy years ahead of us where we can complete our quest.

We have a chance to take this restless and powerfully feminine energy and transform it into an unstoppable force that will move mountains.

If you are feeling lost and directionless, download the beautiful and inspirational free guide “10 Powerful Ways To Relight Your Fire At Midlife”, below.

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    I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. I am experiencing so many of the things you describe in this article and I actually asked myself the other day if I was having a midlife crisis. I guess I am! Looking forward to reading your guide and following your blog. Thank you for creating it.


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