Crone Tribe Manifesto

  1. We love, accept and honour our bodies – They have brought us so far, through so much.
  2. We recognise and honour the hard earned wisdom we have acquired with time.
  3. We burn with passion and channel the fire that midlife brings.
  4. We embrace our beauty. We have earned every line, wrinkle and scar.
  5. We have no time for other peoples expectations of us. We are too busy crafting the life we deserve.
  6. We have earned the right to finally spend quality time on ourselves.
  7. We dance joyfully in the rain and don’t give two hoots what others think.
  8. We support and empower our sisters travelling along on the journey beside us.
  9. We do not bow to the wishes of society. We live our own kick-ass agenda.
  10. We do not hide away and become invisible as we are expected.
    We walk forth bravely into the future and use our wisdom and voice to shape a better world for those who come after us.