Top 10 Best Gray Hair Bloggers to support your Gray Hair Transition

best gray hair bloggers for your gray hair transition
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Top 10 Best Gray Hair Bloggers to support your Gray Hair Transition

Best Gray Hair BloggersMaking the decision to transition to gray hair can be extremely daunting. In this post, I’m rounding up the top 10 best gray hair bloggers to support your gray hair transition.

Going gray can be tough. It can be hard to stick to your decision. The best gray hair bloggers outline their own gray hair transitions. These ladies offer advice on gray hair products, gray hair transition methods and most importantly offer moral support to support your decision to go gray.

If you have just started to transition to gray and are feeling a bit shaky, please read on to get the moral support you need to become a fabulous silver sister.

These are my Top 10 Best Gray Hair Bloggers. I hope you enjoy their work.

Starting to go Gray. The Gray Hair Transition can be a big and daunting step.

Have you got sick of constantly having to keep up with the hair dye? Sick of the roots showing though before another expensive trip to the hairdressers? Sick of the worry of what all the chemicals in the hair coloring products are doing to your body?

Like me, you may have found yourself longing for a simpler regime, especially during lockdown when a hair appointment was off limits for many of us.


It forced us to break through the root barrier, and once we did that we realised that it wasn’t so scary on the other side. Stepping away from the hassle of dyed hair and hair colors seemed like a tantalising possibility.

But the truth is that stepping into your natural grey hair is a scary thing to do. You may get berated by friends and family telling you that you have “let yourself go” or are going to “look old”.

Sometimes it seems that others are far more invested with what we do with our hair than we are ourselves.

That’s why the support of a wonderful gray hair blog is so important. By reading the stories of these beautiful women you realise that you are not alone. Many other women went through the worry of transition when stepping way from having coloured hair.

As you transition to silver hair you will become part of the phenomenon that is sweeping the world right now.

The Gray Hair Movement.

Thousands of women have had enough of the tyranny of coloured hair and are breaking away back to their natural color. The Gray Hair Movement is growing fast.

So take a look at the blogs of these amazing women. Here you will find a wealth of information about your journey in each post.

You will find advice on styles for wavy hair and straight hair. Encouragement to rock long gray hair [something still seen as a bit of a taboo].

Information about the must have gray hair products, such as purple shampoo and encouragement and support as you go through the transition period. Silver sisters transition stories are inspiring to read too.

Once you decide to step away from colored hair you won’t look back. Keep strong and you will be so glad that you turned your back on permanent hair dyes.

Feel like your old self in 21 days


The Gray Hair Movement provides the inspiration to step away from the dye bottle for good…

1 – Katie Goes Platinum

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Katie Goes Platinum

Katie decided to stop dying her hair at the age of 50. However, she struggled to find good info on the internet so set up her own site. Her transition took a good two years and she documented the process in a down to earth style, as well as showcasing other women’s hair transitions.

Katie’s blog is a wonderful mix of transition stories, how-tos and product reviews. She also focuses on the psychological side of going gray with some great supportive posts. This is important as mindset and acceptance of the transition is often the hardest part of going grey.

Check out Katie goes platinum here

2 – QuickSilverHair

Joli at QuickSilverHair

Joli Campbell is the woman behind QuickSilverHair. After transitioning to gray she started looking for a solution to the problem of yellowing in gray hair. A fascination with the science behind hair products led her to develop her own clay hair mask as a solution to the problem.

Joli’s blog is focused on products and solutions for common gray hair problems. Its science-based with a slant towards the natural and is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to maximise the beauty of their silver mane with the right hair products.

Check out QuickSilverHair here

3 – Silver and Free

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Yulia at Silver and Free

Yuliya faced the dilemma that many women face. She lived in places where going gray was frowned upon. Where women are looked down on if they stop dyeing their hair and are told that they have “let themselves go”.

After moving to Canada and seeing other silver sisters, Yuliya was inspired to let her hair go gray despite being in her 30’s.

The resultant feeling of liberation from the dye bottle inspired her to set up her blog to support others to make the transition.

Silver and free focusses on transition stories, inspiration and great products. Yuliya also has a T-shirt shop on the site with some powerful designs to boost your confidence.

Check out Silver And Free here

4 – Gray is Gorgeous

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Asa at Gray Is Gorgeous

Asa decided to go gray at 40 when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. This led to a total overhaul of her lifestyle and the decision to stop using toxic hair dyes. She removed all toxic chemicals from her food and beauty products in order to maximise her health. This meant researching products to find the best ones.

Asa’s blog has a strong focus on natural approaches to ageing beautifully. She features non-toxic products for gray hair as well as natural skincare and beauty products.

A mine of valuable information for anyone wanting to age naturally, positively and safely.

Check out Gray Is Gorgeous here

5  – Sparkling Silvers

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Anjana at Sparkling Silvers

Anjana is a 38-year-old mom from Rajasthan in India. The local culture expects women to hide their gray with dye. After years of dyeing, Anjana decided to take the plunge and embrace her gray hair with beautiful results.

Anjana documented the process and then started to blog to support other women going through the process. She showcases lots of different hairstyle ideas as well as reviews of gray hair products, shampoos and temporary colours. Her blog is inspirational support to women across the globe stepping into their natural hair colour.

Check out Sparkling Silvers here

6 – Revolution Gray

Revolution Gray

Revolution Gray

Revolution gray isn’t just about hair. The blog covers a whole range of topics from menopause to midlife transitions, beauty and lifestyle. They do have a large section of the blog dedicated to ditching the dye though.

There is a wealth of great and positive information about gray hair products, transition tales and support. A great blog for all-round information.

Check out Revolution Gray here

7 – Grombre

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Martha at Grombre

Martha Truslow Smith ditched the dye at 24. She realised other women were going through the same transition and started an Instagram account and website to bring together a community.

In Martha’s own words

“I want to challenge the way we think about what we consider ‘beautiful,’ and why, and propose that we have more important things to spend our precious time, energy and resources on if we find our hearts aren’t aligning with the things we find to be someone else’s biases.”

The site has some great supportive stories showcasing how women faced their own transition. However, it’s also worth checking out the hashtag #grombre on Instagram for a whole community of silver women

#Grombre on Instagram

Check out Grombre here

8 – White Hot Hair

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Jayne at White Hot Hair

Jayne Mayled was in her fifties when she decided to stop colouring her hair and embrace her natural hair, something she struggled with at first.

After coming to terms with her new colour she realised that none of the products available were what she wanted so she created her own.

White Hot are a range of specialist products for gray hair that smell amazing and are based on a premise of positivity and celebration.

As well as selling her products, Jaynes blog covers a wide range of Gray hair related issues. Topics include hair hacks, transformation stories, hair styling issues and even book recommendations.

Check out White Hot Hair here

9 – How Bourgeois

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Lauren at How Bourgeois

Lauren started blogging at How Bourgeois in 2005 so is a veteran in the blogging space.

She began her gray journey after starting to feel uneasy about all the chemicals in the hair dyes she had been using. Worsening allergic reactions also made up her mind to go natural. She has been on a hair transition journey for over 8 years and has written many posts on her blog focusing on the journey to going gray.

A large section of the site is dedicated to the journey of going gray. Lauren covers all kinds of topics including her hair story, tips and tricks and hair products recommendations.

Lauren has also created her own gray hair product range called “By the way, your hair looks fabulous” which is all-natural and sounds amazing.

Laurens blog is adorably quirky and full of interest.

Check out How Bourgeois here

10 – A Bee Heart

Best Gray Hair Bloggers

Alison at A Bee Heart

Alison at A Bee Heart started her journey to gray hair in her thirties. She found it an emotional experience and set up her blog as a place of support and peace for others Ging through the process.

Alison has a lot of great advice on her blog for anyone starting the journey. She covers products, styles, tips and hacks and transitions.

Gray hair isn’t the only topic on her blog, however. She covers a wide range of topics in an interesting way and you are sure to find something of relevance to yourself.

Check out A Bee Heart here

The Best Gray Hair Bloggers

I hope you have found this list of the best blogs for gray hair inspirational. If you have a favourite blog or are a gray hair blogger yourself, please let me know about the site in the comments.

I will keep adding to the list of other interesting gray hair blogs to check out below

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