What does manifesting mean? How I manifested Money & Diamonds in desperate times.

A Beginners Guide

What does manifesting mean?
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What does manifesting mean?

What does Manifesting mean? Manifesting means using the focussed power of your mind and energy to nudge your future reality in the direction you want it to go. You don’t have to be buffeted by the winds of fate. You have an element of control over your future and can manifest the things and events you want into being. Through realising what is possible you can discover your own innate power.

What? That sounds impossible and a bunch of New Age claptrap.

Well. I used to think like that but let me tell you my story…

When I was a little kid of around 8 I realised that I could affect the outcome of things in my favour. I had a little ritual {which I now realise was similar to meditating} which really seemed to work. In fact my family even noticed what I could do and jokingly used to refer to it as “The Fluence”. 

If the sports team my Dad played in were losing, my mum would ask me to “Go and use The Fluence” and sure enough the tables would generally turn and the outcome change for the better and they would win. 

If we drove into town, my Mum would ask me to line up a parking space, and invariably there would be one ready for us in the otherwise crowded car park. 


I generally used the power for the kind of things 8 year olds wanted. Winning the toy I wanted in a raffle competition. Locating lost items and similar things. But I knew it worked. I knew it was some kind of magic.

And then I grew up…

A bad case of “The Sciences”

As a teenager I rejected all of the strange mystical inexplicable experiences I had had as a kid as impossible and “unscientific. If I couldn’t prove it or see it I didn’t believe in it and didn’t want to know.

So “The Fluence” got packed away as a figment of my childish imagination. What do 8 year olds know anyway! I got on my life, being buffeted about by the winds of fate and forgot all about it.

The Law of Attraction comes out of the shadows

Fast forward 30 or so years. Films like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know …” hit the screens. The Law of Attraction, Quantum Consciousness and Manifesting became mainstream concepts. I was fascinated and began to research the way the universe may work. 

Gradually I became more conscious that scientific materialism didn’t have the answers. My mind became more open and I remembered the skills I had as a child. They couldn’t possibly be real. Could they?

Wait! What… I was doing that all along!

And so I realised what I had been doing as a little innocent child. Focussing and creating the outcome I wanted. I was doing it naturally and instinctively. No one told me how to do it. I just knew and it worked. I was blown away. Now I had a name for “The Fluence”. I was Manifesting…

Desperate Times call for Desperate measures.

Sadly, the intervening years hadn’t been kind to me. I often wonder how my life could have been different if I had carried on using the power of manifesting throughout my younger years. Sadly it took me until being around 47 before I came back to it and by that time things had gone very badly wrong. 

I had been diagnosed with cancer which had left me unable to work for almost a year. During that time my husband had to care for me and our two kids. This caring role and the stress left him unable to focus on his own business. The business folded leaving him with significant debts and no source of income. My inability to work added to the financial pressure. 

Even when I could start to work a little again times were very dark and money was extremely tight. Every time a bill came in we had to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Every trip to the supermarket was stressful as I wondered if there was enough money in the bank to pay the bill at the checkout. We lived on Lentil Dhal. Things were desperate.

So I turned to the idea of Manifestation in desperation. I needed the universe on my side. I needed some help and quickly before we sunk further into the darkness .

Feel like your old self in 21 days


How can I manifest money quickly?

This was my first thought. Financial worries were the most pressing problem we had. I started with trying to attract more money. I focussed on a feeling of abundance. The feeling of calm of knowing you have enough in the bank rather than the desperate and panicky feeling I currently felt. Within a couple of weeks of using my special childhood techniques things had started to turn around.

  • I got an unexpected tax rebate of around £2000
  • I was given some money from my parents which was very unusual for them and something I didn’t ask for. It was their idea, completely out of the blue and very gratefully received.
  • I had a run of small lottery wins. 

This was getting interesting. I started to read more about manifesting, specifically the books of Neville Goddard, the grandaddy of “the Law of Attraction” who wrote and lectured around the world in the 50’s {I will link to my favourite book of Neville’s below}.

I started to refine my techniques. There did seem to be something in this. So I decided to create an experiment to see if I could directly influence reality.

The White Crystal Manifestation Experiment.

I decided to try and manifest a specific object and see if it appeared in my future and if so how long it would take. I would write down and date the item in my journal as proof to myself. 

Sitting at my desk in my office I looked around for a random object for the experiment.

My eyes fell on the crystals on my desk. I particularly singled out a pretty white quartz crystal. That would be my target. A large white crystal. I placed it in my palm and gazed at it. Perfect. I would try and manifest another large white crystal.

After writing down and dating my target I applied my techniques. I continued over the next few days to focus on this target as well as continuing to try and manifest more money to help us be in a better position financially. Then I waited to see what would happen…

Two weeks passed. I was totally confident that this would work. I wondered how the crystal would appear. Would it be something I found in the street? Would it arrive as free gift with something I ordered. I knew enough by now to realise that the universe does indeed move in mysterious ways. However there was no way I could be prepared for what happened next…

What Does Manifesting Mean

What Does Manifesting Mean

Manifesting Diamonds. The Universe answers.

Approximately 2 and a half weeks after I set the intention I got a call from an elderly relative. His wife had died a few years earlier and completely unexpectedly he wanted to gift me her jewellery collection. I sat stunned as he told me the details of the jewellery. 

There were various items all containing precious gems but the main pieces were 2 rings containing extremely large and valuable diamonds. Other jewellery items also contained smaller diamonds. The lady loved diamonds and the jewellery collection was heavy with them as well as other gems like emeralds and aquamarines.

I was shocked to the core. In fact as the relative was speaking I felt a cold sweat come over me as the straightforward rules of physics, time and cause and effect fell away. I realised that not only had I completed the experiment, the universe had indeed moved strangely and mysteriously. 

Not only had I manifested the large white crystal of my target, the universe had combined it with my money manifestation in the form of precious diamonds. It was a manifestation double whammy! I was absolutely stunned. 

Thanks to the generosity of the relative and with his permission I was able to sell some of the jewellery to create a financial cushion that put us back on our feet.

So that is why I believe Manifestation works and is not just woo woo claptrap.

Since this experiment I have used manifestation to create many outcomes that I desired and have steered myself in a much better direction creating the life I dreamed about.

So how does manifesting work?

The short answer is no-one really knows. 

The more in depth answer is that you attract more of what you focus on. If you are constantly looking for the negative you will get more negative events in your life. Look for the positive and you are more likely to attract that. 

You can compare the universe to a giant Facebook algorithm. {hear me out with this}. If you click on something on Facebook and interact with it [say kittens], The Facebook algorithm will assume you like kittens and show you more kitten pictures. 

However, if you click on something you don’t like {like a violent image that horrifies you but you want to know more} Facebook will also assume that you want to see more of that. Your timeline will be filled with more violent images even though you don’t want to see them. 

Whatever you focus on, the universe assumes you want more of. Focus on your lack of money and sure enough it will get worse as the universe delivers up more scarcity. But focus on abundance and thats the direction things will go in.

This is why gratitude creates abundance and complaining about what you don’t have causes more of the same.

How do you set an intention for manifestation? 

So lets get down to the nitty gritty. What did I do to manifest money, diamonds and the life I wanted? 

Over the years I have refined my techniques from those I used as a child. 

I spent a lot of time reading the techniques of Neville Goddard and incorporated those into what I do.

{As with everything, your milage may vary. What works for me may not work for you and there are no guarantees of results}

A Simple Beginners Guide to Starting to Manifest the life you want.

So to break it down in a simplified form. Here is one of my techniques.

1  | You must believe and accept that you create your own reality.

You are a creator of your world. Everything around you, your friends, your job, your house, your partner, be they good or bad, are there because you willed them into being.

Its crucial that you accept that you create your reality as then you can take responsibility for what is happening to you and change it for the better.

If you are waiting for your boss to give you a pay rise or your partner to treat you better or money to become more abundant, you are denying the role you play in creation.

2 | Accept that the world is a reflection of your state of mind.

A good example of this is the following. I know two people. One has positive state of mind. She attracts good things like unexpected job promotions, great friends and money effortlessly. 

The other person has a cloud of negative energy around her. She always expects the worst and indeed this is what always happens to her. She has lost vast amounts of money and lives unhappily in a state of ill health. 

To manifest abundance into your life you must start from a place of abundant mind.

3 | Manifesting starts with desire. Focus on the outcome you want to achieve.  

I suggest that when you are first starting to try manifesting to start with a small goal. In this way you can test out that it works and thus grow your faith in the fact that it is possible. 

For example, try to manifest receiving a tip at work. Finding a car parking space. Seeing a particular kind of flower. Receiving a specific letter. Start small.

Think about what you need. Write it down, journal about it. Think of the details of what it would be like and how it would change your life.

4 | THE TRUE SECRET OF MANIFESTING – Feeling emotions.

So here is the true secret of manifesting successfully. The crucial thing is that you need to have a strong mental image and feel AS IF THE GOAL HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

You are not thinking “When I win the get my dream car” or “Please let me get my dream car”. You are feeling what its REALLY LIKE to have your dream car.

So you want to imagine yourself in the car, driving down your favourite road. Or your friend admiring your car and asking you questions about its performance. Ensure that your imaginary vision includes you as an active participant. Also ensure that you are viewing the scene through your own eyes and not in the 3rd person sense.

You need to FEEL the emotions of the moment. 

The joy as you drive in your new car down a beautiful exhilarating road, the wind in your hair, the pride you feel when somone admires the car. 

This is the key. Use your powerful creative imagination to see and FEEL the emotions of the event as if it has already happened. This is the imaginal vision.

5 | Enter a meditative state close to sleep

Now, lie down and go into a state close to sleep but where you are still in control of your thoughts. I find the best time for this is in bed, just before falling asleep. You need to get into a deep meditative type state. You can also do this by lying back and entering a meditative trance.

In this deep meditative state, loop the imaginal vision over in your mind. By imaginal vision I mean seeing yourself as if the thing you want to manifest has already happened as described above. See yourself driving the new car or receiving the letter you want etc. See it in as much detail as you can conjure up in your imagination. Really feel it as if it has already happened. 

6 | Persist. Keep working on your imaginal vision.

Play it out in more and more detail in your mind every night before sleep. You will find that what you imagined will come to pass naturally. Once you have found success with small things try working towards larger goals {a car, a new better paid job etc}.

As your confidence grows, so will your power to manifest.

Manifesting Summary

  • You must believe and accept that you create your own reality.

  • Accept that the world is a reflection of your state of mind.

  • Manifesting starts with desire.

    Focus on the outcome you want to achieve. Start with small things as you build your faith that this is possible.

  • Create a strong mental image AS IF THE GOAL HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

    This is The Imaginal Vision.

  • lie down and go into a state close to sleep but where you are still in control of your thoughts.

    In this meditative state loop The Imaginal Vision over in your mind.

  • Persist.

    Keep working on your imaginal vision. Play it out in more and more detail in your mind every night before sleep.

  • Start working towards larger goals

    Try working towards larger goals {a car, a new better paid job etc}. As your confidence grows, so will your power to manifest.

Step back into your power at midlife

Once you understand that you have the ability to create your own reality you have unleashed your true inner power. Once you grasp this, its a truly amazing revelation.

No longer are you buffeted around by the winds of fate. Midlife is a magical time to truly step into your own power and start to shape the second half of your life to your own design.

You can use this amazing ability to create the midlife and future that you have always dreamed of. 

YOU are the true creator of your own reality.

PS – If you want more inspiration to step back into your own pawer, download my FREE guide to relighting your fire at midlife, below…

“By this method – first desiring and then imagining that we are experiencing that which we desire to experience – we can mold the future in harmony with our desire.”

“Look as though you saw; listen as though you heard; stretch forth your imaginary hand as though you touched…. And your assumptions will harden into facts.”

Neville Goddard

Find Out More

Feeling Is The Secret – by Neville Goddard

In my opinion, the best book on Manifesting. There is so much written about Manifesting by various gurus in modern times, but I recommend going right back to the source with Neville Goddard, the original father of The Law of Attraction..

A short easy read covering the principles of Manifesting, Neville explains how our thoughts and feelings affect the outcomes of our lives and the methods needed to shape your reality in the way you want.


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