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Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms

Natural Menopause Products to help your Symptoms during transition.

Not everyone can or wants to use HRT. I am curating a collection of Natural remedies for Menopause Symptoms to help you surf the stormy seas of Menopause.

These are products that I have found useful or that readers and friends have recomended. As well as tried and tested supplements there are some cutting edge products that may help too.

I’m always interested to hear of new products that you have found helpful. That way I can add in new items that may help. Please comment at the bottom of the page and I will add new ideas regularly.

I hope you find some these items helpful in your menopause transition.

Natural Menopause remedies for Hot Flashes

Opal Cool Pad Go

Cool Pack Comfort for Hot Flashes, Migraines, & Night Sweats

  • Stay cool and head off hot flashes naturally
  • This amazing pad is made from special material which doesn’t need refrigeration.
  • You can use it in bed or anywhere, office, home car to feel cool all the time.
  • Helps keep you cool at night for better sleep


Bonafide – Relizen for relief of Menopause Hot Flashes.

Non-Hormonal, Drug-Free treatment

  • Drug and hormone free hot flash treatment
  • Recommended by Doctors
  • Backed by research. Data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel trial of 64 menopausal women. Winther K, et al. Climacteric. 2005;8:162-170.
    Based on data from a 3-month, open-label trial conducted in 417 menopausal women. Results were compared to start of treatment. Elia D, Mares P. Genesis. 2008;135:12-15.


Menopause products for Anxiety, Depression & Mental Distress

Deep Alpha – Steven Halpern

Brainwave Entrainment Music for Meditation and Healing

  • Binaural beats music is super helpful to get you into a relaxed, meditative and calm state. Even if you struggle with meditation and calming the mind.
  • Good for calming negative mind chatter [or monkey mind]
  • Excellent for relaxing before bed.
  • In the increasingly popular field of brainwave synchronisation music, Steven Halpern once again demonstrates why he is the recognised master of the genre. –Leading Edge Review.


Kasina Mind Media System for Light & Sound Meditation

  • Reach states of deep calm and relaxation you haven’t been able to access up to now.
  • Meditation aid – helps you to access deeply tranquil states. Great if you have struggled with meditation.
  • Helps to silence the “Monkey Mind”. The part of the mind which worries and chews things over incessantly.
  • Helps you to break out undesirable states – like anger
  • Allows you to access altered states of consciousness
  • Amazing visuals to relax to
  • The Kasina has a sleep setting. Can help with sleep too.


Luminette 3 – Light Therapy Glasses

Say goodbye to the winter blues and fix sleep issues too

  • Helps boost mood, sleep and energy
  • Helps with Sleep Disorders and Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD]
  • Has a 30 day trial that allows you to test the glasses with no risk.


Natural Menopause Remedies for Sleep Problems

Bamboo Pajamas

Relief from night sweats.

  • Helps with night sweats and hot flashes.
  • The soft bamboo material has excellent moisture wicking properties which help keep your body cool in the night.


TrueDark Sleep Hacking Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protect your eyes and brain from sleep disrupting blue light.

  • Get your circadian rhythm back in sync to improve your sleep patterns.
  • Blocks the harsh blue wavelengths from electronics and TV’s etc to allow your brain to relax at night, reestablishing healthy sleep.
  • Allows you to realign with the sun’s rhythms which promote sleep
  • Multi-layer optical filters that block ALL of the sleep and performance robbing wavelengths in the evening hours.


Eye Mask

I know I do go on about the benefits of eye masks, but they are brilliant and such a cheap and effective fix that I want to make sure everyone knows about them.

As humans we are designed to sleep in cave like darkness. However, lights in the bedroom {street lights, lights from the alarm or phone etc} however dim, keep our brain on alert.

An eye mask allows your brain to “power down” properly and get better, deeper sleep with less chance of waking. It has truly changed my quality of sleep so much. Definitely worth a try.

I just buy these cheap packs of 3 as my cats tend to run off with them and hide them!


For more ideas to help with menopause sleep problems take a look at this detailed post of tools to help with insomnia


Natural Menopause Remedies


The Wisdom of Menopause (Revised Edition): Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change by by Christiane Northrup M.D.

If you are looking for further support and information this was my favourite book on the subject. I love Christiane Northrup. She writes from a very spiritual yet still science based perspective. Full of wise information on how to pass through the Menopause period gracefully.


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Menopause and Perimenopause can be a tricky time to pass through. I certainly had a turbulent journey. I learnt a lot from my intense battle. I rediscovered my Menopause Mojo and you can too. I truly believe that Menopause can be the start of the best part of your life. I am an Artist, Certified Transformation Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Hypnosis practitioner and woman's health researcher. NB. I am not a doctor or qualified to give medical advice. I merely share what has worked for me. I hope it can help you too. x